Flex System

Introducing Our New Patent Pending FLEX System!

Our patent pending Flexible Leg Extension System or FLEX System for short, is an ingenious way to allow any furniture piece employing a leg for support to increase in height to accommodate a growing child. It is so simple to use; a child really can do it!


  • The FLEX System allows a furniture piece that has a leg to increase in height using leg extensions.
  • The wood grain’s natural beauty is uninterrupted when the leg extension is attached.
  • All parts used in the process are stored neatly and securely beneath the table, chair, etc. This means no lost or misplaced parts.
  • An extra set of legs are included with the table to raise it to standard table height. This means it is not just a kid’s table: you will use it and enjoy it forever!
  • All our furniture is crafted from solid hardwood and made to last!
flex furniture system leg extension
  • It is so simple to use; a child really can do it! – and they enjoy doing so!
  • The same piece of furniture will last for years without the need for you to purchase new items again.

The inspired part of the FLEX System is the ability to remove or add the leg extension to the parent leg without disturbing the natural look of the leg. When the leg extension is installed, the natural flow of the grain pattern is uninterrupted.

Because you see the wood grain in a continuous pattern, the eye is fooled into thinking there has not been an extension put on the leg to make it taller. The use of shadow lines with the extensions and elsewhere in the furniture piece serve as design elements and further cloaks the addition of the extension.

All components are neatly stored in a compartment underneath the furniture piece.

Our FLEX System adds value and versatility for you the buyer, because your purchasing dollars go farther.

Being able to purchase a quality piece of furniture which will span many years of your child’s life instead of replacing it with new, makes good sense and is good for the environment as well.

Unlike cheap particle board furniture that sags and falls apart over time, solid hardwood children’s furniture will stand up well under heavy use and give you years of enjoyment.

Once your children grow up, or you have grandchildren, or if you want to make the table/chairs shorter, just remove the leg extensions and the table, chair, bench etc., return to their original height to start the process again.

Quality is always worth more! You will experience lasting pride of ownership and satisfaction in knowing you made the right choice in furniture for your children or grandchildren.