Specially 4 Kids

Specially 4 Kids is a division of The Country Craftsmen. Our children’s line of furniture is built the same way we build our other quality products using selected hardwoods and beautiful finishes.

Our fine furniture is made to be used by your children or grandchildren, and then passed along to the next generation. Our products are sturdy, solid, enduring and hand crafted especially for you! We do not sell any mass-produced items here.

Everything we sell is made by hand, by us, in our own shop. Many other shops farm out their work among several different people, but there is great continuity in building furniture all in one location.

We decided to build high quality furniture for children and young adults with the same attention to quality and detail that we have in our adult furniture.

The Flex Furniture System

While in the process of designing our children’s furniture, we asked ourselves the question, “What if we could create a line of furniture that was adaptable and was able to keep pace with the child as they grew?”

After more than a year building prototypes and testing them, we designed a method of allowing certain pieces of furniture to increase in height. Our patent pending system is called the Flexible Leg Extension System or FLEX system for short. This is a new concept in children’s furniture which adds flexibility and valuable benefits for the buyer.

Any of our furniture products that have a leg can use our FLEX system if having an adjustable height is beneficial.


What if we could create a line of furniture that was adaptable and was able to keep pace with the child as they grew

When our grandson was born, we began to look at children’s products on the market today and were not too impressed with what was being offered for kids. Much of it is not well made.

We are creating new items for children. Please check back from time to time to see our latest offerings in this line. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions for new furniture or children’s items or wish to leave us feedback on any of our products. We value your opinion!